Bereza (Rus: birch tree) — is a milling workshop that produces furniture and a range of household items. The company's logo reflects the main function of a milling machine — cutting various shapes and forms out of a single block of wood. The cut out shapes are then used throughout the Bereza identity as they are combined and transformed in sculptures and small furniture pieces. Letters in the logotype are arranged in a way that represents an abstract pattern of birch tree bark. Thus different patterns are used as an additional supporting element of the workshop identity. Unique for each shape, they help to create a new visual language emphasizing the individuality of the Bereza company.

Studio A-2-O is run by two graphic designers (Alina Rodionova and Olga Pozharova) with a unique concept of graphic design as an emotional substance, with a strong desire to push, change and break traditional boundaries. Our Studio creates work with strong conceptual ideas combining graphic design, photography and fine art. We believe that the deep understanding of the core of a project is of the utmost importance. A-2-O devotes a lot of attention to the research of the design subject, thereby creating an exceptional visual language for each project — through adopting innovative, often unusual materials and a wide range of cutting-edge techniques. Working with clients from different industries, studio members are passionate about music, art, theatre and cinematography. We would love the opportunity to collaborate and work on interesting projects.